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   NH House Cleaning, Including the Kitchen Sink!

Our cleaning services can be customized to suit your specific needs, from deep cleaning all surfaces, to a light 'sprucing-up' and everything in the middle. House cleaning services are available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Office cleaning services are available daily or as needed. We provide interior services such as:

  • Floors
    We get your house or office floors sparkling clean in no time! With just the right combination of cleaners, we can remove the dirt and grime from every square inch, even in those hard to reach places, and can wax, buff and vacumn as needed!

  • Countertops
    The last thing you want are dirty countertops. Do you know that your countertop can have germs, even if you have cleaned it? We'll deep clean all of your surfaces with professional cleaners that will remove the threat and leave a shine!

  • Kitchens & Break Rooms
    It's hard to keep a kitchen clean. Between all of the traffic walking through to the food crumbs that go missing into those dark corners, it can be a real mess. Don't worry, we'll clean and disinfect every surface, appliances, floors, tables, and windows and leave your kitchen spotless!

  • Bathrooms
    Nobody likes to clean a bathroom: not only is it hard work but because of all the 'activities' that go on there. But we don't mind. We'll scrub out those toilets and tiles, polish your faucets, and freshen those toilets and sinks, leaving a clean, fresh scent.

  • Windows
    Whether you've got a small window in the kitchen, a bay window in the living room, or big sliding glass doors throughout, we'll make sure to clean them fully. Don't let buildup and grime block your view of nature's beauty!

  • Furniture
    We take great care in the cleaning of furniture. We know which substances work best on different surfaces. From leather to fabric and everything in between, we'll leave your furniture polished and clean.

  • Offices
    We'll come in during or after business hours and leave your workspace spotless. We'll empty the trash, vacumn the carpets, clean surfaces as needed and leave those bathrooms smelling oh so fresh and clean. Just tell us what you need and how often!

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